"I think that after the film starts, past the opening credits you’ll forget that it’s any of these actors…Fahadh Faasil or Nivin Pauly or Nazriya Nazim. You’ll forget all that and it will become Aju and Kuttan and Divya…"~ Dulquer Salmaan

the opening credits of Bangalore Days. 

The title montage of Bangalore Days was created by Rajeev Gopal & Jayaram Ramachandran with special crayon drawings contributed by producer Anwar Rasheed’s children - Aadil & Aditi. Personal childhood pictures of all three actors playing the cousins Aju, Kuttan, and Divya (Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim respectively) were gathered at request and photoshopped. It establishes both the nature of the relationship the cousins shared as children and the individual personality and back story of each cousin within the span of 2 minutes. Older photos of the actors playing parents were also photoshopped to create family photos.

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Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

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stardusted asked: is there a version available with subs yet? :D


it really depends if you have the patience to watch the movie in six parts or if you want to get the torrent :P Hopefully Einthusan will upload a full version with subs soon :)

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So I now have a copy of Bangalore Days to gif, lots of spare time, sparse wifi connectivity, and the need to further spam my blog/your dash with BD things. Here’s a list of things I plan to make into gifsets (no particular order):

  • the Title Credits
  • the Cousins
  • Arjun’s character development
  • Scenery picspam
  • Expectations vs Reality of the Fazriya wedding pt.3
  • Das & Divya’s relationship development
  • 'Cute' Kuttan
  • Aju & Sarah
  • ~Epic~ Moments 
  • Bangalore Days + colours *like the OSO one I made*
  • Thatthin Maray Illate: Kuttan & Meenakshi/ Vinod & Aisha
  • Foreshadowing in the ‘Maangalyam’ lyrics 
  • RJ Sarah: the answer to his questions and the reason for his changes
  • Shiva & Natasha; a love story 
  • Kuttan and the girl in the elevator (Michelle)
  • Scenes:

Divya takes a deep breath before the wedding
Arjun & Kuttan: Thorn & Leaf
Dinner table discussion
The dream Kuttan saw on the plane
Kuttan drowns himself in feelings and cola 
Das & Divya: Hurt/Comfort
Preparing for final race
Michelle is welcomed into the gang

And I can assure you that there will be plenty of other people that will be giffing the movie (ie. naadanmasakalli, anieliza)- the more the merrier! 

I’m contemplating making another blog for this,

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