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happy belated birthday my darling savni

i know this is late but you know me, always with the late presents. i thought i’d take this opportunity to edit your queen for you because i rarely do that. so what do i say about you my little aussie buddy? i have this strange sorta big sisterly vibe thing when i talk to you, like protective and whatnot. which is definitely strange because you’re probably only like an year or two younger than me. it always makes me smile to see you on my dash because you bring so much positivity and quality with every post you make. you have wonderful taste and i can’t tell you enough how much joy i get reading your tags :) they are so spot on. it’s always so nice to see another person form australia with such similar tastes- it’s so easy to relate to you :D and i love you for that. not to mention how you are one of the sweetest people ever and i will never forget that you made me a wonderful bday present of rima even though it was totally out of your fandom. i LOVE it when people do that. it also makes me super proud to see all the bangalore days stuff on your blog. YAYYYYY. and i have to thank you for all the marathi film recs! with your help i’m slowly but surely getting caught up with all the marathi films i haven’t watched yet and all their lovely music :D i hope you had a fantabulous birthday deary. i hope all your dreams come true and your hsc is kind to you because i know how stressful that can be. take care of yourself darling. you’re amazing and i hope you never forget that <3

lots of love, catherine xx

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